Install new OEM ductwork from the GT Expansion joint to the stack. We utilize a severe duty liner upgrade using a more robust material & fastening system consisting of larger diameter pins, closer pin spacing, along with the latest technology for installing insulation and the newest materials.
Exhaust Systems WEbsite Installation of new OEM upgrade options for plenums, flex seals, diffusers,  and expansion joints. These upgrades help with rotor removal, fatigue cracking, and higher exhaust temps from partial load and over firing. The benefits from these upgrades are the reduction in availability & production losses due to equipment failures. We also perform inspections to help identify issues, preventing them before an unplanned outage takes place.
We have performed silencer and turning vane repairs due to fatigue cracking and insulation migration, including retrofit installations using new OEM technology to maintain site conditions for noise and back pressure. These are done along with total exhaust retrofits, or as stand alone projects.