Liner Systems

Transition Duct Complete Exhaust duct work liner upgrades, beginning with an upgraded liner fastening system, then upgrading the insulation and finishing up with more robust SS liner plates. These upgrades can tie into an existing liner system allowing partial repairs to an exhaust duct without having to replace all the liner at one time. This allows the project to be done in stages as budgets allow.
We have completed numerous liner upgrades on most of the various OEM units with great success and many of these units have been in service for 10 to 20 years with no issues. These upgrades allow the units to run more efficiently without the unplanned outages that numerous plants are experiencing, with failures in their existing liner systems. The outside casing temperatures also drop considerable, reducing casing cracks and protecting plant personnel working around the units.
We employ the latest technologies (infrared cameras, etc.) to inspect duct work while units are in service, and then follow up with internal inspections to provide accurate scopes for the owners so they can plan the needed repairs during a future outage. This also allows the owner to prioritize their repairs.