Tube and header repairs along with material upgrades to address FAC issues in known problem areas. We have been able to make these repairs without altering the unit (plugging tubes, jumping at tube panels, etc.) We have developed various procedures to allow access to these tough-to-get areas to make repairs without having to cut into headers and plug tubes.
We work close with the various subcontractors to make sure that proper procedures are followed (heat treat, NDE, etc.). Work with suppliers to make sure that code and equipment manufactures procedures for welding and heat treat coincide with each other (internals from valves pulled if needed, etc) so the equipment will operate for years without issues.
We look at every project differently and decide what is the best option. Sometimes it is a total tube replacement, or just tubes or headers. We also look at the surrounding conditions to come up with the best plan economically, and time-frame wise, for each project.  We feel one of our best strengths is that we look at each project independently.