Expansion Joint

New Installations-Upgrades-Maintenance

We have the experience to check for flange misalignment issues and correct with retro fit options, minimizing field installations and costs.

We have worked with all the different OEM’s penetration seals, (Welded, Mechanical,Fabric) and can complete most installations without the need of technical assistance from the OEM. We also have the required code stamps needed to complete the attachment welds required on some manufactures seals. We have completed hundreds of successful seal replacements in the field without any issues.
Expansion Joint Website We’ve had great success replacing the existing Gas Turbine expansion joint hot joint design with an upgraded cold joint design. We have replaced the whole frame or just the belt and insulation pillow and then modified the existing liner system to a cold joint design. Going with a cold joint design protects the expansion joint and the adjoining duct work from hot exhaust gasses, preventing a forced outage.